Food for Reasons


What is a seasonal veggie box? 

Our growing team have planned an exciting mix of vegetables and herbs over the coming months. As well as the staples that you love, we will have a few delicious extras based on what is best in season and bountiful to help you whip up healthy, wholesome meals. Our summer boxes contain plenty of crisp salad items and our winter boxes focus on warming root veggies and legumes.  

We invite you to come on the journey with us and share the trials and triumphs of growing fresh produce. As a single source supplier we will have weeks where things may be leaner and others where we have abundant produce. We will always ensure however that we offer an interesting mix of healthy, fresh vegetables that your family will love!

Where do the vegetables come from?

What do the different box sizes mean?

What are the Weekly Specials?

When and where will my order arrive?

What does spray free mean?

How do I cancel my order?

What if I get something that I am not familiar with or don't like?

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